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Paula and I have been more than excited as we have seen some of the pictures being posted on Facebook and other media from our show at the Gallery at Penn College.  This gallery is a wonderful space, and the show was curated in a very professional manner by Penny Griffin Lutz, the gallery manager.


According to Penny, “This exhibition, with its portrayals of the workings of the human body, is a perfect fit with the many health science majors offered at Penn College.”  She went on to note that  “this show also fits on our campus in general as it combines technology, in the form of MRIs, CT scans and ultrasounds, with handmade, creative art.  In the past, fiber art exhibitions have been very well-received. The medium is accessible and familiar and can offer visitors an understandable art form.”


According to PCToday/Penn College News:  Teachers Make Quick Study of ‘Slow Art’

During Professional Enrichment, eighteen art educators took advantage of The Gallery at Penn College and its current exhibit, “A View Within,” for a professional development session titled “Slow Art.”  Organized by Andrea McDonough Varner, an art teacher at Williamsport Area High School, the workshop focused on viewing one work of art for at least 20 minutes, taking notes and sketching ideas.  Art educators from Williamsport, East Lycoming and Jersey Shore school districts attended.


“Slow Art” is a global movement that has been catching on in the past few years; it encourages museum-goers to slow down and engage more fully with art, creating a quality experience. “The Gallery at Penn College was pleased to welcome regional art educators,” manager Penny Griffin Lutz said, “and is happy that our exhibitions are being utilized by the community for lifelong learning.”

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